APA maintains cooperative and respectful relationships with landowners across over 15,000 kilometres of gas transmission pipelines throughout the country. We are committed to building similar relationships with landowners along the proposed Western Outer Ring Main pipeline route.

Prior to engaging with landholders the Pipelines Act 2005 requires that APA has in place an approved Consultation Plan. APA’s Western Outer Ring Main Project Consultation Plan was approved by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on 29 January 2019.

APA will initially be seeking to meet with landholders to introduce the project and seek feedback regarding the preliminary alignment. Meeting directly with landowners helps us to better understand the nature of the impacted property and address specific concerns through either changes to the alignment or other design and construction commitments.

During subsequent meetings APA will be seeking landholder agreement to provide access to land along the proposed pipeline alignment so that more detailed investigations can be undertaken, such as ecology and cultural heritage surveys.

Once the proposed pipeline alignment has been confirmed, APA will commence negotiations with landholders to obtain an easement to contain the pipeline. An easement is an agreement registered on the title of the land that sets out the rights of a pipeline owner to install and maintain the pipeline and also defines the restrictions on the landowner in the area of the easement.

Every landowner will be fairly compensated for agreeing to grant APA an easement to accommodate the pipeline. The compensation offered by APA will be based on fair market value and include consideration of the value of the easement and the anticipated loss of production during construction. The compensation offered will also reflect the general disturbance to landowners as a result of dealing with APA. Landowners will be paid an upfront fee for entering into an agreement, and APA will meet the reasonable legal and valuation costs incurred in reviewing and responding to the proposed easement agreement.


APA is responsible for ensuring our activities both during initial field surveys and later during construction adhere to all legislative requirements and Government policy applicable to biosecurity and weed management matters. Successful management of weed and other biosecurity matters is a responsibility we take very seriously on all our projects and operational assets.

During discussions with landholders prior to access occuring, we will be seeking assistance to identify any known areas of weed infestation or other biosecurity concerns. This consultation will inform the planning of our fieldwork and the weed management and biosecurity protocols to be followed.