APA will need to obtain a Pipeline Licence under the Pipelines Act 2005 (Vic) to allow for the construction and operation of the project. In order to submit the Pipeline Licence application, APA is required to have given each landowner in the proposed pipeline corridor a Notice of Pipeline Corridor. The Pipelines Act also includes a requirement to prepare an Environmental Management Plan that demonstrates how the impacts of the project will be managed. 

In Victoria, environmental assessment of the potential environmental impacts or effects of a proposed development may also be required under the Environmental Effects Act 1978. APA will refer the project to the Minister for Planning to assess whether an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) is required.

APA will also refer the project to the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy for the Minister to assess whether the Project requires further assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) for potential significant impacts to Matters of National Environmental Significance.

Community consultation

APA values and respects its relationships with the communities where our assets and operations exist. We are focused on ensuring we remain engaged with our stakeholders to inform them of the activities we are undertaking.

APA recognises that every community has local insights, knowledge and experiences that can add value to, or improve the outcomes of, proposed activities it may undertake in a location. By tapping into these insights, knowledge and experiences, APA can improve its decision-making processes and develop better and more sustainable ongoing solutions.  

APA is also committed to building and maintaining relationships with all its stakeholders, and ensuring each stakeholder group is recognised and listened to as appropriate with regard to ongoing work or specific projects. Throughout the development of the project, all members of the community, including directly affected landowners, will be encouraged to actively participate in discussions with APA representatives and raise questions where they may have concerns.

If you wish to register any comments, find out more information or provide feedback about the project, please refer to the contact details page.

Project updates

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