Project Benefits

The Western Outer Ring Main project will help ensure that all Victorians can continue to benefit from a reliable gas transmission system that meets the needs of the community both now and into the future.

The Project will present a number of benefits, including:

  • Increasing the amount of natural gas that can be stored for times of peak demand.
  • Improved network performance and reliability.
  • Addressing potential gas shortages as forecast by the Australian Energy Market Operator in the March 2020 Victorian Gas Planning Report Update.

Proposed Pipeline Alignment

APA is currently refining the proposed pipeline alignment in consultation with affected landowners and applicable government authorities. Key consideration’s in the alignment refinement process has been to minimise environmental and community impacts associated with the construction and ongoing operation of the pipeline.

Where-ever possible, the proposed pipeline has been collocated with existing or proposed linear infrastructure corridors to minimise the impact on current and future land use.

The proposed alignment will also maximise the use of APA’s existing pipeline easements, where available.

Project Map alignment – Rev 7 (pdf).

Environment Approvals

Environment Effects Statement (EES)


The EES and the pipeline licence application are expected to be placed on public exhibition in mid-2021.  

The EES documents will be available on the Project website.

During this time, members of the public can read the EES and make written submissions. 

Pre order an EES Information Pack

You can order an EES information pack. The pack contains: 

  • USB loaded with the complete EES and pipeline licence application. 
  • Printed Summary Brochure. 
  • Printed guide on How to Navigate the EES. 
  • Printed Project Overview Map. 

Printed copies are available upon request to the Project team. Please note the EES is a long document and we encourage the use of electronic versions to reduce environmental impacts. 

EES information packs will be sent via mail once exhibition starts.

To place an order, contact us via phone: 1800 951 444 or email [email protected]

In December 2019, the Victorian Minister for Planning announced that an Environment Effects Statement (EES) would be required for the Western Outer Ring Main Project.

Further information on the EES process is available on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

The pipeline EES referral and supporting documentation can be found here.

APA has been engaging with directly affected landowners and other key stakeholders along the proposed pipeline route since late 2018 and will continue to consult with interested parties through the EES process.

Further information and updates on the Project will be provided during the EES assessment process on our APA webpage.

Approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act

On 21 February 2020, the Department of Agriculture Water and Environment advised the  Minister had decided that the Project is a controlled action and requires assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

The Project will be assessed under a bilateral agreement between the Commonwealth and the State of Victoria. 

Further information about the assessment can be found on the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE)’s website

Pipeline approvals

A Pipeline Licence will be required for the Project under the Pipelines Act 2005.

The public submission period for the pipeline licence will occur with the submission period for the EES. Any regulatory approval decisions regarding the pipeline, including a pipeline licence under the Pipelines Act 2005, will occur following the Ministerial assessment of the EES. 

APA has prepared a Pipeline Consultation Plan, which proposes how APA will consult and interact with stakeholders, particularly landowners and occupiers, who are likely to be affected by the Pipeline Project. The Pipeline Consultation Plan identifies key objectives, tools and desired outcomes from the engagement with the relevant stakeholders.

Project timeline

APA are committed to ensuring a robust and comprehensive assessment to inform the EES process.  The following provides an indicative timeline for the overall Project and will be dependent on obtaining relevant regulatory approvals.

2020- 2021

2020 – Early 2021


Mid 2022 – Early 2023

Community and stakeholder engagement

Field surveys

Regulatory Approvals

Project Construction

  • Consultation with government agencies, local councils and other stakeholders.
  • Consultation with landowners where the pipeline is located on their property.
  • Consultation with the wider community.
  • Undertake any additional investigations of the preferred pipeline route, such as ecology, cultural heritage, groundwater, and other relevant surveys.
  • Obtain relevant State and Federal government approvals.
  • Construction of the pipeline and compressor station at Wollert.


Community consultation

APA values and respects its relationships with the communities where our assets and operations exist. We are focused on ensuring we remain engaged with our stakeholders to inform them of the activities we are undertaking.

APA recognises that every community has local insights, knowledge and experiences that can add value to, or improve the outcomes of, proposed activities it may undertake in a location. By tapping into these insights, knowledge and experiences, APA can improve its decision-making processes and develop better and more sustainable ongoing solutions.  

APA is also committed to building and maintaining relationships with all its stakeholders, and ensuring each stakeholder group is recognised and listened to as appropriate with regard to ongoing work or specific projects. Throughout the development of the project, all members of the community, including directly affected landowners, will be encouraged to actively participate in discussions with APA representatives and raise questions where they may have concerns.

If you wish to register any comments, find out more information or provide feedback about the project, please refer to the community engagement hub or visit our contact details page.

You can also subscribe to receive e-news updates. To subscribe, click here.

APA’s commitment to engaging with landholders and relevant stakeholders

APA are committed to consulting with Landholders and other stakeholders throughout the EES assessment process for the Project. We understand the importance of community engagement on the Project and will ensure potential impacts are properly understood and considered during the EES assessment process.

APA will ensure there are opportunities available for the involvement of local communities and interest groups throughout the approvals process.

APA will also liaise with various local councils and government stakeholders to seek input into project risks and statutory requirements that apply to the Project.

If you wish to find out more information or provide feedback about the project, please contact us by:


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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) video

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