Warragul looping map

In response to a forecasted undersupply of natural gas to the Warragul area by the Australian Energy Market Operator, APA Group (APA) is undertaking investigations into the construction and operation of an additional high pressure steel gas transmission pipeline branching from the existing Morwell to Dandenong pipeline and terminating at APA's existing Warragul City Gate facility at Anderson Street, Warragul.

There is an existing high pressure gas pipeline servicing Warragul running from the Morwell to Dandenong pipeline, terminating at the Warragul City Gate facility (referred to as the Warragul Lateral). The Warragul lateral supplies Warragul's distribution network of residential and industrial customers. The area of investigation for the proposed second pipeline is generally along the same alignment as the existing Warragul lateral. The term for this type of pipeline project is Looping. The project is therefore named the Warragul Looping Project.

This proposal will involve the construction of a buried pipeline approximately 4.8 kilometres in length. There will be no additional above-ground facilities beyond some minor work required in the existing City Gate compound at Anderson Street, Warragul. The new pipeline have a diameter of 150 millimetres.

APA has received the revised growth forecast for Warragul, which shows an increased demand for gas forecasted for the next 15 years. The increases are contributed by both residential (new land sub-divisions) and industrial gas consumers.

With the forecasted gas demand increases, the Warragul lateral needs to be augmented to meet this increased gas demand by mid-2019. Without the new pipeline looping, reliability of gas supply to Warragul could not be guaranteed, particularly to customers located at the end points of the network.

This project is subject to a comprehensive program of regulatory approvals and landowner and community consultation, which will assist APA in finalising the pipeline alignment and managing the potential impacts of the construction and operation of the pipeline.

For more details, you can download the project infosheet.

If you have any questions or require further information about the project, call our project team on 03 8626 8482 or send us an email at warragullooping@apa.com.au.