The Sturt Plateau Pipeline project is a proposed 40km (approximately) underground natural gas pipeline to connect Tamboran Resources’ gas development in the southern Beetaloo Basin to the existing Amadeus Gas Pipeline.


The proposed project is located approximately 80 km north of Elliott, in the Roper Gulf region of the Northern Territory. 


Preliminary Pipeline Facts

Preliminary Pipeline Facts 


Approximately 40km 


Steel ​ 


30 cm 

Depth of Cover 

Minimum 750mm​ 

Construction Corridor 

30m width, plus additional workspaces 

Project target dates 




Why is APA proposing to build this pipeline? 

We believe gas is essential to accelerate renewables and deliver the most secure, reliable, affordable and low emissions pathway to the decarbonisation of Australia's energy system. 

It is important that as a nation, we continue to invest in domestic gas to successfully facilitate the energy transition.  

Will the pipeline be underground? 

The proposed pipeline will be buried for its entire length other than at surface facility locations at each end of the pipeline.  

There will be surface markers at certain locations to identify the presence of an underground pipe. 

The pipeline will be installed under the Stuart Highway to avoid impacts to traffic flow. 

What other infrastructure/activities are needed for the project? 

Associated project infrastructure for the Sturt Plateau Pipeline will include: 

  • Temporary construction accommodation camp 
  • Temporary laydown areas 
  • Temporary access tracks 
  • Water bores 
  • Gravel sources 

What regulatory approvals will be required for the project? 

It is anticipated that the primary regulatory approvals required for the project include: 

  • a licence to construct and operate the pipeline under the Energy Pipelines Act 1981 
  • decision by the Commonwealth Government under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) 
  • decision under the Environmental Protection Act 2019 by the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security, informed by the Northern Territory Environmental Protection Agency (NTEPA)  
  • Consent under the Native Title Act 1993. 

What are the next steps for the project? 

The project is in the early stages. We will continue to progress with environmental approvals documentation and engineering design.  

Specific engineering and environmental technical studies will be completed to inform the environmental approvals documentation, alongside engagement with relevant stakeholders. 

What are the timeframes for the project? 

There are a number of internal and external processes and approvals that need to be completed, including final investment decision, final route decision, and the preparation of environmental approval and pipeline approval applications which may impact project timing.  

The proposed timing for the commencement of operation is early 2026. 

We will keep our stakeholders informed and consulted throughout these processes.  

Connect with us 

To find out further information, you can contact our project team by email at: [email protected].