Port Kembla to Wilton pipeline route options

APA Group (APA) is proposing to develop a buried, steel, high pressure gas pipeline approximately 37 kilometres long to connect the proposed Australian Industrial Energy (AIE) Port Kembla Gas Terminal (PKGT), south of Wollongong, in New South Wales, to the Moomba Sydney Pipeline, east of Wilton, in New South Wales.

The Project will allow for the transportation of gas from the PKGT to Wilton, which allows for flexibility of supply to Sydney, regional New South Wales and interstate via the existing gas transmission network. More information regarding the PKGT project can be found on AIE’s website.

Pipeline Route Selection

APA is currently in the process of selecting a preferred pipeline alignment from a number of preliminary route options. Where possible, use will be made of existing infrastructure corridors, including other pipelines and powerlines, in order to reduce the extent of disturbance required for the project.

Selection of a preferred pipeline alignment will be informed by engagement with affected landholders and other stakeholders, and the outcomes of environmental and other technical investigations during the EIS process.

Interactive map and community feedback

This interactive map is a tool to allow landholders, the local community and other interested parties to view the Project and the preliminary pipeline route options. Users can pan and zoom to specific locations or features of interest. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged. To add a comment simply drag one of the comment icons to the area of interest on the map, enter all the required details and select 'add comment'.

Additional information, such as Frequently Asked Questions can also be found on the Interactive Map page.

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Further information

Landholder and other stakeholders will be consulted throughout the assessment process to ensure the potential impacts of the Project are properly understood and appropriately addressed in the Project’s development. If you wish to find out more information or provide feedback about the Project, please contact us by:

If you have any media-related questions on this Project, please email [email protected].