Project Detail

On 1 November 2017, APA Group acquired the existing Orbost Gas Plant and the export pipeline to the Eastern Gas Pipeline (EGP). The plant (previously owned and operated by Santos and known as the Patricia Baleen Gas Plant) will undergo an extensive upgrade over the coming 18 months. Once operational, the gas plant and the export pipeline will supply treated gas to meet the growing market demand from the Australian eastern seaboard. Cooper Energy will continue to own and operate the offshore development of the Sole gas field.

Once all construction is finalised in mid-2019, the Orbost Gas Plant is expected to deliver 68TJ/day into the network.

The construction phase of the Orbost Gas Plant will provide a boost to the local and regional economy, with beneficial flow-on into the community. During this time, there will be opportunities for contractors and suppliers within the immediate area, and from nearby regional centres such as Sale and the Latrobe Valley.

The Orbost Gas Plant will form a key role in APA’s contribution to the lowering of carbon emissions in the energy market, and to satisfy the continuing demand for gas on the eastern seaboard.

Orbost Gas Plant Project Timeline

Now: Early civil works have commenced.
May 2018: Mobilisation of main construction workforce.
March 2019: Construction works expected to be completed.
Second Quarter 2019: Commissioning.

Construction Workforce

During the construction phase there will be opportunities for contractors and suppliers within the immediate area and from Sale and Latrobe Valley region.

It is anticipated that labour for this project will be sourced from Sale, Latrobe Valley, Marlo, Lakes Entrance, Orbost, and other areas of Victoria.

Project Works Update

Construction works have included or will include:

  • Installation of a 9-kilometre DN90 Water Pipeline to site.
  • Deconstruction of existing flare for relocation.
  • Installation of concrete piles to support new equipment.
  • Early civil and drainage works.

Community Engagement

This video provides a visual overview of the project (September 2018).

This video shows some of the early works of the project (March 2018).

Key Project Facts


  • 5,171 metres of carbon steel piping.
  • 8,017 metres of stainless steel piping.
  • 1,117 metres of High-density polyethylene (HDPE), excluding water pipeline.
  • Total new piping 14,322 metres.


Approximately 310 piles, in total, with a depth of up to 9.7 metres.


Approximately 160 kilometres of cabling for power, instrumentation, controls and communication.

Plant Capacity

The design capacity is 68 TJ/day delivering into the Victorian and eastern seaboard gas network.

For more information call 1800 ORBOST (1800 672 678).