APA Group is proposing a 25 per cent expansion of gas transportation capacity on the East Coast Grid, which links Queensland to southern markets.

The expansion will be delivered at a capital investment of around $270 million. It will increase winter peak capacity of the East Coast Grid by 25 per cent through additional compression and associated works on both the South West Queensland Pipeline (SWQP) and Moomba Wilton Pipeline (MWP).

The South West Queensland Pipeline and the Moomba Wilton Pipeline are the key pathways for delivery of gas from Queensland and the Northern Territory to southern markets.

The first stage of expansion works will increase Wallumbilla to Wilton capacity by 12 per cent and is targeted for commissioning in the first quarter of calendar year 2023, ahead of forecast southern state winter supply risks identified in the 2021 AEMO Gas Statement of Opportunities.

The expansion will be delivered in a number of stages:

  • Stage 1: The first stage of expansion works includes the construction of a single site of compression on each of the SWQP and MWP and will increase gas transportation capacity by 12 per cent.
  • Stage 2: The second stage of expansion works includes an additional site on the SWQP and MWP which will add a further 13 per cent of capacity.
  • Stage 3: APA is undertaking engineering and design works on a potential third stage (three additional compressor locations on the MWP) of the East Coast Grid to add a further 25 per cent transportation capacity.

APA Group delivers around half of Australia’s gas usage and connects Victoria with South Australia, and New South Wales with Queensland through our investments in energy transmission assets.

Most of the expansion works will occur on APA owned sites, which have existing infrastructure.

The proposed East Coast Grid Expansion Project presents an optimal opportunity to maximise gas supply via existing infrastructure with minimal environmental and social impact.

The East Coast Grid Expansion Project is committed to maximising business supply and employment opportunities in the local regions around each proposed compressor station where possible. Each project site will require a peak construction workforce of around 80 people.

Project timing

Construction of Stage 1 of the proposed East Coast Grid Expansion Project is planned to commence in the first half of 2022. The construction of each compressor station is targeted to take approximately nine months.

Project location

Project approvals

APA is committed to consulting and working closely with local communities on the East Coast Grid Expansion Project. During the approvals phase of the project, APA plans to provide project information and gather feedback through engagement of key stakeholders, including Aboriginal groups, landholders, local business, community groups, and federal, state and local governments.

APA has received government approval for Stages 1 and 2 in both Queensland and New South Wales and is currently working through post-approval commitments in both jurisdictions.

Management plans for the Stage 1 site in NSW (MW880) have been approved by the Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment and are available for reference below:

Landscape at one of the project sites in New South Wales.

Further information

Read the East Coast Grid Expansion Project Information Sheet and refer to APA's original announcement of the project.

Connect with us

For further information on the East Coast Grid Expansion project, call 1800 856 001 (8am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday) or email [email protected].