APA owns and maintains a high pressure gas transmission pipeline extending from Dubbo to Tamworth, called the Central Ranges Pipeline.

As part of routine maintenance activities, a pipeline integrity inspection program is being conducted by APA through September 2018. This process involves some instances of flaring, which may be seen and heard from nearby properties.

The maintenance is an essential part of ensuring the ongoing integrity of the pipeline. This inspection involves running an intelligent device called a pig through the pipeline between Dubbo and Tamworth. The pig travels inside the pipeline and has on-board electronic equipment to analyse the pipeline wall condition as it travels.

This operation includes the need to flare some natural gas from the pipeline to ensure the correct operation of the inspection tool. Flaring is a safe procedure that removes excess gas from the pipeline.

Flaring locations have been carefully selected and assessed to minimise risks including excessive noise, public nuisance and secondary fires.

There are expected to be several flarings over the coming weeks till completion in September 2018. During this maintenance activity, APA will endeavour at all times to minimise impacts on landowners and occupiers.

APA has been in regular contact with emergency authorities and affected landholders in advance and during the inspection program.

For media queries, please email media@apa.com.au or call Todd Hayward on 0412 205 151.