Rob Wheals

Robert (Rob) Wheals


Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Appointed Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director 6 July 2019.

Rob has more than 25 years’ experience in Australia and internationally in energy infrastructure and telecommunications, across roles in operations, finance, commercial, strategy, infrastructure investments and M&A, as well as regulatory.

Rob joined APA in 2008 as General Manager Commercial to manage the commercial function of APA's transmission business, which includes over 15,000 kilometres of gas transmission pipelines, storage and processing facilities.

In 2012, Rob was appointed Group Executive Transmission, responsible for approximately 85% of APA's earnings before interest, tax and depreciation. In this role, Rob was responsible for the commercial, operational and safety performance of APA Group's transmission and gas storage assets.

Rob has a deep understanding of the Australian energy market and the challenges facing Australia today and into the future, in particular the challenge of balancing sustainable lower emissions energy with reliable and affordable energy for end users.

Prior to joining APA, Rob was General Manager of Strategy at AAPT in Sydney.

Rob has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, is a Chartered Accountant and a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Nevenka CodevelleNevenka Codevelle


Group Executive Governance, Risk & Legal

Nevenka is responsible for APA Group's Governance, Risk & Legal division. The division comprises the company secretarial, legal and group risk and compliance functions.

Nevenka joined APA Group in February 2008 and held the role of General Counsel since June 2012. In October 2015, Nevenka became Company Secretary and joined the Executive team. Nevenka is a lawyer with over 20 years' experience in energy and other infrastructure industries, with particular focus on project development, mergers and acquisitions, competition and industry regulation.


Peter Fredricson

Peter Fredricson


Chief Financial Officer

Peter is responsible for all financial aspects of APA Group, including accounting and financial reporting, financial compliance and governance, taxation, treasury, balance sheet management, capital strategy, insurance, Investor Relations and Information Technology.

Peter joined APA Group in June 2009. He has considerable expertise in the listed energy infrastructure sector and over 30 years' experience in senior financial roles in energy infrastructure, financial services and investment banking organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Ross Gersbach

Ross Gersbach


Chief Executive Strategy and Development

Ross is responsible for APA Group’s strategy, energy investments. regulatory and government affairs, environmental development, and mergers and acquisitions.

He has responsibility for further enhancing APA Group's portfolio of assets that complement the value of its infrastructure, including APA Group's investments in midstream gas infrastructure, and the operation and development of these assets.

Ross was previously a Director of APA Group from 2004 to 2008, before joining the management team in April 2008, where he was responsible for all commercial aspects of APA Group. He has over 25 years’ experience in senior positions across a range of energy related sectors, covering areas such as infrastructure investments, mergers and acquisitions and strategic developments. Additionally, Ross has extensive commercial experience and has managed a portfolio of infrastructure assets in the natural gas and electricity distribution network sector.


Kevin Lester

Kevin Lester

BEng(Civil) MIEAust GAICD

Group Executive Infrastructure Development

Kevin is responsible for the project development, engineering, procurement and delivery of APA Group's infrastructure expansion projects. The division also has responsibility for providing asset engineering services, the technical regulation of all pipeline related assets, procurement, engineering services and the provision of land, approvals and asset protection services across APA.

Kevin joined APA Group in August 2012 continuing a career in the management of major infrastructure projects, including energy infrastructure.

Kevin is a Director and a Past President of the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association.


Elise Manns

Elise Manns


Group Executive People, Safety & Culture

Elise is responsible for managing APA Group's People, Safety & Culture division, which covers APA's people strategy and culture, its safety and environment performance and governance and all activities relating to APA's people, their development, health, wellbeing and employment arrangements.

Elise joined APA Group in May 2012 as General Manager Human Resources and in October 2015 joined the Executive team becoming Group Executive Human Resources. Elise has a strong background in employment relations and workplace change, organisational restructuring and business improvement. Elise has over 25 years’ human resources experience in Australia's heavy manufacturing, engineering, steel and utilities sectors.


Darren RogersDarren Rogers


Acting Group Executive Transmission

Darren was previously GM Asset Management for Transmission. Aside from his experience in APA, Darren has performed senior executive roles in commercial, asset management and operations, leading large and complex divisions and across these companies.

As Acting Group Executive Transmission, Darren is responsible for managing APA's customers and revenue contracts, as well as growing APA's gas transmission revenues. Darren manages all operational aspects of APA’s 15,000 kilometres of gas transmission pipelines and gas storage facilities.

Darren joined APA Group in 2017.