Since listing in 2000, APA has significantly grown its portfolio of energy assets. Starting with an interest in approximately 7,000 kilometres of transmission pipelines and transporting around one quarter of the gas used in Australia, APA today owns and operates over 15,000 kilometres of pipelines and 4,100 kilometres of distribution networks, alongside gas storage facilities, gas-fired power stations, and wind and solar farms. APA currently transports more than half the natural gas used in Australia.


June — The Australian Pipeline Trust listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


February — Acquired remaining 15 per cent interest in the Roma Brisbane Pipeline.


March — Increased interest in the Goldfields Gas Pipeline to 48.5 per cent.


August — Acquired CMS Energy Corporation’s Western Australian assets, including the Parmelia Gas Pipeline, the Mondarra Gas Storage Facility and an interest in the Goldfields Gas Pipeline. APA's interest in the Goldfields Gas Pipeline increased to 88.2 per cent.


February — Acquired the remaining 30 per cent interest in the Carpentaria Gas Pipeline.


March — Completed construction and commissioning of Kogan North gas processing facility.

— Acquired Murraylink electricity interconnector, in Victoria.

June — Committed to development of the Bonaparte Gas Pipeline in the Northern Territory, underpinned by a 25-year gas transportation agreement.

November — Acquired the Allgas gas distribution business, in Queensland.

December — Completed acquisition of GasNet Australia, in Victoria.

 — Restructured as a stapled entity comprising Australian Pipeline Trust and APT Investment Trust, and now known as APA Group.


January — Completed construction and commissioning of the 27-megawatt Daandine Power Station, in Queensland.

February — Acquired Directlink electricity interconnector, in northern coastal New South Wales.

March — Completed construction of the Tipton West gas processing facility, in Queensland.

July — Acquired the Origin Energy Networks assets, including one-third interest in the SEA Gas Pipeline; 17.2 per cent interest in Envestra and the long-term asset management agreement to operate Envestra's assets (including the requisite resources); and a number of other energy assets.

October — Terminated the agreement with Alinta for the operation and maintenance of APA’s foundation pipelines.

November — Completed construction and commissioning of the 30-megawatt X41 Power Station at Mount Isa.


August — Acquired the 295-kilometre Central Ranges Pipeline in northern NSW.

December — Completed construction of the 287-kilometre Bonaparte Gas Pipeline in the Northern Territory.

— Sold a number of annuity-style assets into a new minority-owned investment vehicle, Energy Infrastructure Investments (EII), while retaining 19.9 per cent equity and remaining asset manager and operator of the assets.


February — Increased equity interest in Envestra Limited to 30.6 per cent.

October — EII2 consortium purchased the North Brown Hill wind farm project in South Australia.


March — Acquired the Berwyndale Wallumbilla Pipeline in Queensland.

April — Announcement of the acquisition of a 14.9% interest in Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund.

November — Increased interest in SEA Gas Pipeline to 50 per cent.


April — Announced a 10 per cent capacity expansion of the Roma Brisbane Pipeline to meet increased demand.

May — Announced expansion of the Mondarra Gas Storage Facility to over five times its previous capacity following signing of a long term contract.

June — Acquired the 1,630-kilometre Amadeus Gas Pipeline in the Northern Territory underpinned by a long term gas transportation agreement.

July — Acquired the 80-megawatt Emu Downs Wind Farm in Western Australia and development rights for an adjacent 130-megawatt site, underpinned by a 20-year revenue agreement.

October — With AGL, announced the joint development of a 242-megawatt gas-fired power station in Mount Isa (Diamantina Power Station) following the signing of a long term customer agreement to 2030.

December — Sold the Allgas Network into a new APA minority-owned investment vehicle GDI (EII) Pty Ltd, while retaining a 20 per cent equity interest and continuing to operate the assets under a long-term asset-management contract.

— Launched off-market takeover bid for Hastings Diversified Utilities Fund, owner of the Epic Energy pipelines.

— Announced 13 per cent capacity expansion of the Goldfields Gas Pipeline following signing of a 20-year gas transportation agreement.


January — Announced a further 15 per cent capacity expansion of the Goldfields Gas Pipeline following signing of a 15-year gas transportation agreement.

November — With AGL, announced construction of a 60-megawatt open-cycle power plant, the Leichhardt Power Station, adjacent to the Diamantina Power Station site in Mount Isa.

December — Took over as the Responsible Entity for Hasting Diversified Utilities Fund (HDUF), and assumed management of Epic Energy’s assets and operations.

— Announced expansion of compression capacity at Wallumbilla in Queensland underpinned by a 15-year agreement.


May — Announced sale of Moomba Adelaide Pipeline System, in line with the undertaking to the ACCC governing the HDUF acquisition.

July — Announced an approach to the board of Envestra with an all-share merger proposal.


August — Sold 33 per cent interest in Envestra, while retaining the operation and management of the assets until 2027.

December — Entered an agreement to acquire the 543-kilometre QCLNG Pipeline in Queensland.

— Commissioned the Diamantina and Leichhardt Power Stations, jointly owned by APA and AGL.


June — Finalised acquisition of QCLNG Pipeline (now Wallumbilla Gladstone Pipeline).

November — Completed construction and commissioning of the 293-kilometre Eastern Goldfields Pipeline in Western Australia.


March — Launched unconditional, off-market takeover bid for Ethane Pipeline Income Fund (EPX), owner of the Ethane Pipeline. APA currently owns 6.08 per cent of EPX securities.

— Acquired the remaining 50 per cent of the Diamantina Power Station project not already owned.

June — Fully acquired Ethane Pipeline Income Fund (EPX), owner of the Ethane PIpeline.

August — Acquired a 50 per cent interest in the Mortlake Pipeline via a stake in the newly established SEA Gas (Mortlake) Partnership.


May — Acquired the greenfield 110MW Darling Downs Solar Farm, in southwest Queensland. Construction expected to completed by late 2018.

June — Entered into 15-year agreement with Gruyere Gold Project to construct, own and operate the new 198-kilometre Yamarna Gas Pipeline in Western Australia's Eastern Goldfields.

August — Signed agreement with Dacian Gold to deliver gas to power its Mt Morgans Gold Project, 750 kilometres northeast of Perth.

October — Acquired Orbost Gas Processing Plant in Victoria. Plant update project is expected to be completed in mid-2019.


January — Upon the retirement of Leonard Bleasal, Michael Fraser joined APA as its new Chairman of the Board.

Refreshed the suite of gas pipeline services available on APA's East Coast and Central Region gas transmission assets to provide customers with more options and additional flexibility.

March — Emu Downs Solar Farm, located 200 kilometres north of Perth, is officially opened. The 20-megawatt farm comprises 75,168 panels on approximately 70 hectares.


November Officially opened the Darling Downs Solar Farm, near Dalby in the Western Downs Region of Queensland. The farm includes almost 430,000 panels spread over approximately 250 hectares.