APA is one of 18 Australian energy businesses across the industry supply chain that has committed to the Australian energy industry Energy Charter. The Charter came into effect on 1 January 2019 and was launched on 31 January 2019. The Energy Charter aims to engender collective accountability across the whole energy supply chain for improving customer outcomes.

The Charter sets out five principles to advance the Energy Charter vision of “Together, deliver energy for a better Australia”. Under each principle is a list of Principles in Action against which members of the Charter will have to publicly report their progress on an annual basis.

The Energy Charter’s Five Principles:

  1. We will put customers at the centre of our business and the energy system.
  2. We will improve energy affordability for customers.
  3. We will provide energy safely, sustainably and reliably.
  4. We will improve the customer experience.
  5. We will support customers facing vulnerable circumstances.

APA submitted its second disclosure to the Energy Charter’s Independent Accountability Panel in September 2021. Download and read APA’s FY2021 disclosure.

The Energy Charter’s Independent Accountability Panel will evaluate disclosures and publish a report setting out findings and recommendations for continuous improvement for each business and the industry as a whole. The Panel’s 2021 report will be available in December 2021.

The Panel prepared an evaluation report of the 2020 disclosures. Download and read the Panel’s 2020 evaluation report.

For more information on The Energy Charter, visit The Energy Charter website or email [email protected].