Site safety induction at Emu Downs Solar Farm

Safety at APA

Safety is a core value at APA. We consider safety as the critical first step in how we operate our business in a way that ensures business integrity.

Our Priority

Our priority is to provide a safe workplace. There is nothing we do that is so important that we need to put people’s safety at risk.

The Breadth of Safety

Our people are our priority, however, at APA, safety means we don’t only focus on managing the personal safety of our staff and contractors. We also place the safe operation of APA’s assets at the centre of what we do. Process safety is our recognition that we deal with potentially harmful substances as a part of our day-to-day work, and how we manage our assets is critical to ensuring the safety of our people and community members.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to take a risk-based approach to identify actions that, when implemented, will help reduce the likelihood and consequences of harm to our staff, contractors and community members.

Health and Wellbeing

Because our greatest asset are our people, we recognise that their health and wellbeing is critical to APA’s success.

Our health and wellbeing focus is broad, across mind, body, work and life. Our approach includes recognising the importance of physical and mental health; making sure confidential one-on-one support is available, if required; and providing a dedicated health and wellbeing knowledge portal that is supported by third party specialists.

Our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy affirms our commitment to safety and striving towards the continual improvement of our safety performance.