Our 15,000 kilometres of natural gas pipelines connect sources of supply and markets across mainland Australia. We operate and maintain networks connecting 1.4 million Australian homes and businesses to the benefits of natural gas. And we own or have interests in gas storage facilities, gas-fired power stations and renewable energy generation (wind and solar farms). All up, we own or manage and operate a portfolio of assets of around $25 billion and deliver half the nation’s natural gas usage.

Our Energy Assets

Our 7,500-kilometre East Coast Grid of interconnected gas transmission pipelines provides the flexibility to move gas around eastern Australia, anywhere from Otway and Longford in the south, to Moomba in the west and Mount Isa and Gladstone in the north. In Western Australia and the Northern Territory, our pipelines stretch thousands of kilometres to supply gas to power major cities, towns and remote mining operations.

Apart from our interconnected natural gas pipelines, we own and operate the Ethane Pipeline which supplies ethane from the Cooper Basin production facility at Moomba, South Australia, to an ethylene plant in Botany, Sydney.

And it’s not just pipelines. We also own and operate the Mondarra Gas Storage and Processing Facility and the Emu Downs Wind Farm in Western Australia, Diamantina and Leichhardt Power Stations in Queensland, the Dandenong LNG Storage Facility in Victoria and the Central Ranges Gas Distribution Network servicing Tamworth in New South Wales.

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Our Energy Investments

We also have interests in:

  • Energy Infrastructure Investments (19.9%) – an unlisted energy infrastructure company which owns electricity interconnectors (Murraylink and Directlink), gas pipelines (Telfer/Nifty Gas Pipeline, Bonaparte Gas Pipeline and Wickham Point Pipeline) and a gas processing plant (at Kogan North)

  • EII2 (20.2%) – an unlisted energy infrastructure company which owns the North Brown Hill Wind Farm in South Australia

  • GDI (EII) Pty Ltd (20%) – an unlisted energy infrastructure company which owns the Allgas Gas Distribution Network serving South East Queensland and northern coastal New South Wales

  • South East Australia Gas Pty Ltd (SEA Gas) (50%) – partnership which owns the SEA Gas Pipeline built to transport natural gas from the Otway and Bass Basins to markets in Victoria and South Australia
  • SEA Gas (Mortlake) Partnership (50%) - owns the Mortlake Pipeline which supplies gas to the Mortlake Power Station in Victoria.

Asset Management

We provide asset management services for most of our energy assets and investments, as well as to third parties. Our 2,700 people together deliver commercial, regulatory, government and stakeholder-related functions, as well as day-to-day operations and maintenance. One of our long-term agreements is to operate Australian Gas Networks’ gas transmission and distribution assets.

Structured for Securityholders

APA Group (ASX:APA) is listed on the ASX and is included in the S&P ASX 50 Index.

APA Group comprises two registered investment schemes - APA Infrastructure Trust (APA Infra) and APA Investment Trust (APA Invest) - and their controlled entities. The securities of APA Infra and APA Invest are “stapled” together. The stapled structure provides flexibility for securityholders, allowing part of an APA Group distribution to be paid on a pre-tax basis by APA Invest in the form of a distribution of trust income.